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Redakcinė mokslinė tarybaEditorial Scientific CouncilDoc. Evaluation of nine apple cultivars on rootstockB.

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Sasnauskas lsdi. Trees were graftedon rootstock B. Key words: apple, cultivars, phenology, growth, resistance to diseases, yield, qualityof fruits. Selection efficiency is a key issue in a breeding programme. Breedingconsists of identifying as quickly and as precisely as possible the most promisingprogeny plants. A challenge to efficiently is find the outstanding genotypes proneto become a successful commercial cultivar out of a large quantity of progeny plants Kellerhals et al.

The assortment of apple cultivars suitable to the Lithuanian climate conditionsdiffers significantly from the neighbouring countries.

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For this reason apple cultivartesting is one of the important bases for exchanging information about new introducedcultivars. To increase apple cultivars commercialization, knowledge on phenotypic,productivity and fruit quality are very important.

The main task is to obtain new applecultivars with superior brokerio alef market apžvalgos qualities, high productivity, resistance to diseases andpests, winter hardiness, storability and marketability Kellerhals et al.

Many introduced apple cultivars were investigated at the Lithuanian Institute ofHorticulture Uselis, ; Sasnauskas et al. Object, methods and conditions. The trial,which involved 9 apple cultivars, was planted at the Lithuanian Institute of Horticulturein the autumn of Trees were grafted on B. Evaluation andcharacterization of the cultivars was performed in — In — temperature in December 5 °C and February 1.

During years ofproductivity the late spring frost at the beginning of bloom injured blossoms. At thistime the minimal air temperature above the ground dropped from The following introduced apple cultivars were comparedwith the standard cvs. The trees were planted brokerio alef market apžvalgos the distance of 4 × 2 m. The trial was established in five replications. Each plot contained 1 fruit-tree. They wereformed as spindle.

Growing, fertilizing, pest, disease and weed control, soil cultivation,pruning, shaping and care of apple cultivars were maintained as recommended forcommercial orchards Intensyvios obelų ir kriaušių auginimo technologijos, All datawere subjected to analysis of variance. The significance of differences between thecultivars was estimated at 0.

According to investigation data, theblooming period continued for 6—13 days.

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Dates of blooming periods of apple cultivars1 lentelė. Obelų veislių žydėjimo tarpsniaiCultivarsVeislėsBeginning ofblooming,month, dayŽydėjimo pradžia,mėn. In the fifth growth year apple trees of the investigated cultivarsgrew from 2.

Crown diameterranged between 1. Table 2. General tree growth vigour of apple cultivars2 lentelė. In general yield of the investigated apple cultivars was relatively low,because during years of productivity spring frost injured blossoms.

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Apple trees ofcv. During five-year period in orchard apple trees of cv. The cumulative yield of apple cultivars ranged between2— On the other hand, cvs. Cumulative brokerio alef market apžvalgos of apple cultivars t ha -1 1 pav. Obelų veislių suminis vaisių derlius, t ha -1Babtai, — Average yield of apple cultivars ranged between 1—8.

Distribution of fruits to classes according to diameter established that cvs. Table 3. Average yield of brokerio alef market apžvalgos cultivars t ha -1 2 pav. In all trees were found symptoms of scab Fig. Apple cultivar resistance to scab3 pav.

SodininkyStĖ ir darŽininkyStĖ 28(2)

Obelų veislių atsparumas rauplėmsBabtai, —S t o r a g e l i f e. The earliest picking of fruits had cv. Data of cold žvalgybos prekyba durability show that fruits of cvs.

All cultivars demonstrated intermediate 5—6. Fruits of cvs. Fruit taste of other cultivars ranged between 7—7.

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Results of organoleptic evaluation shows that fruits of cvs. Other cultivars and hybrids had good quality 7. The biggest fruits produced cv.

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Harvest date, end of storage and fruit quality parameters of apple cultivars4 lentelė. Obelų vaisių skynimo laikas, laikymosi pabaiga ir kokybės rodikliaiCultivarsVeislėsHarvest date End of storage month, day month, day Skynimo Laikymosi pabaiga,mėn. One of the requirements for successful avoiding of spring frost islate flowering. Fruit growers prefer the trees of weakest growth, because they demand littlelabour, produce good yield and are of high fruit quality every dvejetainiai pasirinkimo variantai strategijos since brokerio alef market apžvalgos secondyear after their planting in the orchard Bielicki et al.

SodininkyStĖ ir darŽininkyStĖ 28(2)

Different cultivarspresent a different vigour, brokerio alef market apžvalgos tendency to branching and to fruit bud initiation. Data show that different genotypes might have different productivity. During fiveyears in orchard apple trees of cvs. Apple scab is a serious disease of apple trees. The infection of apples makes themunsuitable for fresh market.

On the other hand, scab resistant apple cultivars fit verywell to the concept of the low input and sustainable fruit production Rutkowski et al. Quality criteria, which are of importance to the consumer and therefore determineapple acceptance, comprise properties related to sensory, nutritional and technological quality Höhn, A long storage life is brokerio alef market apžvalgos most importantfactor in deciding what cultivars are to be grown in a commercial orchard.

Brokerio alef market apžvalgos investigationshows that fruit of cvs. As fruit growing becomes a more competitive business, breeding for fruit qualitybecomes increasingly important Labuschagne et al. This demonstrates that itis essential to evaluate such parameter like fruit weight and eating quality. Results oforganoleptic evaluation show that fruits of cv. Gauta 05 08Parengta spausdinti 06 05References1.

Bielicki P. Influence of plant material qualityon growth and yield of two apple cultivars. Sodininkystė ir daržininkystė,21 4 : 33—