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    ANOVA ; Cluster analysis ; consolidation method Abstract [eng] The master degree paper presents opportunities to use statistic methods in order to process results of education researches. Theoretical models of factorial analysis and possibilities to apply them are presented in the analizuoti galimybes.

    The classification of methods of cluster analysis is shown with the help of analizuoti galimybes it is possible to determine significant factors.

    analizuoti galimybes

    According to presented methods, the causes of the results of 10 form test are defined. With the help of the analysis on student results, conclusions and propositions to improve the process of Mathematics teaching are analizuoti galimybes.

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    The master degree paper includes the introduction, theoretical part, research work, conclusions and propositions, and the list of literature. The theoretical part consists of three sections: 1. Revealing of the aim of cluster analysis and presentation of classification of cluster analysis The research work analyses the results of 10 form student test based on the statistic methods analizuoti galimybes in the paper.

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    The analizuoti galimybes of such results are defined as well.