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    Who is the favourite in the bookies bitcoin mannero kursai Serena WilliamsSharapova and Ivanovic have the best 3 chances in the bookies eyes. I tend to disagreehowever the draw will look.

    Serena is one of the favourite because of her hard shotsbut she also gets tired very easy on this surface and in the higher stages of the tournament she will have problems. Sharapova had problems on clay all the yeareven though she comes to RG only loosing to Serenashe had a bitcoin mannero kursai of 3 sets matchesor matches where she was on the verge of loosing a set.

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    Ivanoviclast year's finalist is one of the better playersbut let's face itclay isn't her best surfaceshe tends to try a lot of winnersand when she isn't at her best like she was last year she will have problems winning even against decent players. So who i see favourite? My pick for this tournament is Jankovic.

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    Jelena has always been strong on clayshe token fuck this season with a record on clay and a record on all surfacesshe has record in last 2 years on claywith 3 of those losses coming against Heninmade semi-final last year at RG where bitcoin mannero kursai lost to Henin after she only lost one set to Venus in her way to the Semis.

    She has the style of play for clay-courtsas she has the ability to run for every ball and that forehand-down-the-line should give her a big advantage against players like the Williams sisters. She has a advantage on clay vs Venusnever met Serena on clayis down against Ivanovic on clay but green clay which is fasterand never played against Sharapova on clayleads Kuznetsovatied with Dementievaand leads Safina on clay.

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    This is of course if she doesn't gets injured or gets blown away in the early rounds by a surprise player. Statistika: Jankovic to bitcoin mannero kursai Roland Garros 7. Del Potro Harkleroad vs Tanasugarn 1.

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