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Kivių prekyba


kivių prekyba

In the warehouse built banana ripening room. Our company supplies a wide range of fruits and vegetables from the European countries as well. The company offers products that meet the mandatory quality requirements for fresh fruits and vegetables.

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Services related to cargo loading unloading. Delivers the goods and the accompanying documents to the customs authorities performs declaration. Provides customers with a detailed information related to transportation of goods.


Participates in the executing of kivių prekyba transportation documents, bills of lading and other accompanying documents necessary for cargo transportation.

Transportation kivių prekyba marine container from Klaipėda container terminal by land transport.

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Export and import customs requirements. Document processing in accordance with all the requirements set for kivių prekyba parties kivių prekyba for shippers, carriers, customs, ports, terminals, etc.

kivių prekyba

The company has a m2 warehouse in Klaipėda and kivių prekyba m2 warehouse in Vilnius that meet the highest quality standards. Fruit screening, sorting, and quality inspection.

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